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Essential oils are derived from flowers and fruits, and their aromas have specific characteristics. Certain oils can boost your mood, decrease stress, energize your mind, help you sleep, or provide pain relief. Reviews were done through Google Scholar, PubMed, EBSCO , Embase Web of Science, ScienceDirect, and Scopus databases using keywords. All studies included in the review were randomized controlled trials conducted between 2012 and 2022 that assessed the efficacy of any type of aromatherapy as a treatment for burn-related pain and anxiety. Study selection and data extraction were performed by two independent reviewers. In assessing the quality of research IJB Critical Appraisal Checklist for randomized controlled trials, the risk of bias in the trials included in the review was assessed using the Cochrane ROB assessment tool.

Add a drop or two to a tablespoon of almond oil and use for a calming massage. Mix a few drops with liquid castille soap and add to bath waters. When experiencing anxious feelings, apply one drop to hands, rub together, and inhale deeply. The Aroma-Touch Is a specific form of Holistic healing, to help assist the balance of the body and well-being.

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If citrus scents are stimulating to you, don’t use them before bed—but do consider using them during the day, to help you feel both refreshed and relaxed. These two essential oils have similar floral scents, and both have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, on their own and in combination with other essential oils. Some sleep experts recommend valerian as an essential oil for sleep aromatherapy. Valerian taken as a supplement can be highly beneficial for sleep.

The diffuser uses ultrasonic technology which means the scent reaches really far but also that it cleans the air as it’s doing it. Super simple to use, you just twist the device open, add 3 drops of your favourite oil and half fill with water. Close it back up, give it a gentle shake to mix and then press the button for a fine mist whenever you need it. It is charged up via USB and when fully charged will deliver 8-10 cycles of 60 seconds of scent.

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The therapist starts the massage with an effleurage on the legs. This stroke is delivered by flat palms traveling in long, smooth motions from the ankle to the knee or all the way up to the hip. This is usually followed by petrissage to work specific muscles or tight areas in the leg. Massage for the first leg comes to a close by returning to the long, slow strokes of the effleurage. The therapist applies deep, direct pressure to release tension in the muscles around the spine and shoulders.

Lavender – Promotes relaxation, eases stress, anxiety, depression, headaches, and nausea. Sweet almond oil is extracted from the almond tree which grows in California and the Mediterranean region, amongst various other places worldwide. Sweet almond oil is a nourishing oil, making it great for dry or itchy skin.

It has been shown that massage with aromatherapy oils has a more relaxing effect than massage alone . We have launched a gigantic range of skincare, hair-care and body care products. Aroma Massage Oil can be applied all over body using gentle strokes in circular motion. Aroma Massage Oil is made of nature’s herbs and essential oils.


And that’s because overuse can possibly desensitize the recipient to the effects of the essential oils, so they become less effective. And it could also increase the risk of nausea and headaches and drowsiness from the essential oil. A limit of 15 minutes on vaporizers, and also vaporizers should only be used after carefully considering all of the individuals who might be exposed to the vapors. And it’s also not recommended to administer essential oils via the mucous membranes, so oral, vaginal or rectal route during pregnancy. And it’s important to purchase oils from a reputable supplier, and that’s in order to avoid an alteration, which is dilution with lower quality substances. And for this article, we focused really on the research aromatherapy in obstetrics, and we were limited to studies in English, so we had a language restriction.

Essential oils are usually blended in the massage oil, allowing for multiple benefits to be targeted in the same treatment. Most therapists will use a premixed oil, though some can create a personalized blend if you request it. RELAX The Spa offers more than 70 distinct relaxation and luxury treatment options for beauty, wellness and health, located near Rochester, Central New York. Our ultimate, full-service day spa provides guests with solo, couple, party and even corporate event experiences that melt away stress and provide calm.

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“It combines rosemary oil and avocado oil to encourage hair growth while delivering moisture,” says Dr. Nussbaum. If you have very fine hair and/or an oily scalp, James advises using rosemary oil once a week as a scalp treatment and washing it out of hair immediately to avoid any greasiness. In fact, if you desire fuller, thicker, and more luscious strands, experts agree rosemary oil is one of the most effective types of hair growth oils on the market. TikTok and Instagram have certainly hyped up its greatness (particularly since there’s little evidence to support the efficacy of hair growth vitamins), but what’s actually the truth and what’s fiction? We turned to the experts for the facts on using rosemary oil for hair.

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They should be able to recommend specific essential oils, and discuss what product and techniques they would use based on your needs. Aromatherapy massage is used for a variety of different reasons, including relaxation, pain management, and improved mood. The clinical guidelines we reviewed by Tiran recommend dosages of 1% to 1.5% in pregnancy. So that’s one drop of essential oil to five milliliters of carrier oil. Grapeseed is one of the more popular and inexpensive carer oils.

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Common essential oils include lavender, tea tree, chamomile, bergamot, geranium, lemon, ginger, and cedarwood. These fragrant oils are potent, so they’re diluted in a neutral carrier oil like coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil ,or sweet almond oil before they’re applied to your skin. These are the top recommended essential oils to start using when practicing certified aromatherapy massage, based on their effectiveness for health issues, as well as clients preferences. We’ve hand-picked five of our favourite essential oils for aromatherapy massage.

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The group who received aromatherapy massage reported improved sleep quality and reduced sleep disturbance. As well as being great for soothing sore muscles along with any other aches and pains, aromatherapy massage can help to ease the symptoms of many medical conditions. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for certain benefits. Examples include lavender, orange and bergamot, and eucalyptus. These “aromas” are all plant-based derivatives from herbs, tree extracts, and flowers.

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This enhancement is designed to align your mind and body in one effective massage treatment. During your massage, your massage therapist will have you inhale your preferred AromaRitual® and will also place these essential oils on specific pulse points of the body. Like a gentle river flowing through the body, the practitioner uses slow and calming massage techniques to inspire the body, mind and spirit into a state of deep relaxation.


When we experience pain, whether it is from an occasional headache or chronic health condition, the discomfort may feel stressful, overwhelming, and exhausting. Massage therapy clients are often looking for help with some aspect of pain. “Excellent presentation! Essential oil blend suggestions were very helpful! It really simplified information that can be overwhelming in the world of essential oils.”

It depends on what you want to achieve with your treatment, sometimes it is recommended weekly or monthly but this varies for person to person. Wintergreen oil is used to help alleviate joint related pains and aches. Jasmin oil is used to help with libido, childbirth and depression. Lemon oil is mainly used to help with headaches, digestion and mood. Chamomile eucalyptus, and rosemary are said to reduce inflammation. Typically, grapeseed oil has a shelf life of just three months.


The therapist may also be able to provide you with a bottle of massage oil for you to use at home, if you wish. Average blood pressure and mental health scores for the baseline, 4-week and 8-week follow-up examinations in group A and B. You will be greeted by our friendly receptionist who will proudly introduce you to our professional beautiful therapists with unique skills.

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Adding aromatherapy to your massage is a great way to experience the healing powers found in essential oils. Essential oil molecules are so minuscule that when they are applied to the skin they are able to pass through the outer layer of the epidermis, to the dermis, into the capillaries and then into the bloodstream. Skin is able to absorb the oil even better when the rate of blood circulation and the temperate of the skin increase – such as at the time of a massage – because these conditions bring blood to the surface.

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Informed consent was obtained from potential participants to the study. Demographic and clinical characteristics were collected at baseline. Socioeconomic status was assessed using the Townsend index, a measure of material deprivation.19 Interview and questionnaire measures were administered at baseline, and 6 and 10 weeks later.

Most studies confirm aromatherapy massage can be very beneficial for menstrual issues, as well as menopause. Taniguchi, “Effects of lavender aroma on sleep quality in healthy Japanese students,” Perceptual and Motor Skills, vol. Y. J. Hung, P. C. Lin, C. M. Pan et al., “The relationship between shift work of nurses and sleep quality, physiological and mental health, and family function,” Labor Safety and Health Journal, vol. The materials of essential oil and massage oil are presented as follows. Essential oils can be extremely toxic when ingested or absorbed internally.

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It is used for a variety of applications, including pain relief, mood enhancement and increased cognitive function. You can enjoy a complete Spa experience from the comfort of your room. With no unnecessary travel and queues, leave yourself in the hands of our well-trained partners for a highly relaxing massage session. It is made up of professional massage therapists, physiotherapists and alternative therapists.

The average sleep time of nurses in this study (5.80−5.90 hours) was less than the 6.5−8.5 hours needed for adults . In this study, among 450 PSQI surveys , 19 (4.2%) indicated the use of sleep medications. This number aligns with findings from several sleep quality studies performed on nurses . GEE analysis of the two groups’ repeated measurement with subjective sleep quality at aromatherapy room.

Aromatherapy massage can help you escape stress and provide relief from anxiety and depression. Some studies indicate aromatherapy can ease certain types of pain, including pain from kidney stones and osteoarthritis of the knee. The effects of an aromatherapy massage can last up to 48 hours, depending on the oils used. The skin may feel slightly greasy, but the overall effect is one of deep calm and relaxation.

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Sandalwood essential oil is believed by some to have aphrodisiac qualities. Supporters claim that these and a wide range of other complaints respond well to aromatherapy, but not all of the uses are supported by scientific evidence. Essential oils have been used for nearly 6,000 years, with the aim of improving a person’s health or mood. Experience an authentic combination of acupressure and yoga-like stretching techniques to clear energy blockages and balance the body. 스포츠마사지 is a magical act of hands and aromas, during which even a mere mortal can feel like heir to the throne. • Directly after aroma massage you should drink a glass of tea or warm water and lie down for a few minutes (15-20).

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So we need more research to assess aromatherapy as an addition to pain management during labor. This meta-analysis also found that aromatherapy reduced participants’ anxiety during early labor, it was late into labor and it was defined as three to four centimeters dilated. And the most common essential oils tied to a significant reduction in labor pain and anxiety were rose, bitter orange, and lavender. We aimed to assess the effects of self-administered aroma foot massages on anxiety. Similarly, the average state anxiety scores and the proportion of participants who had state anxiety in this study decreased after the intervention, supporting results from previous studies. In addition, our study focused on community-dwelling participants, not hospitalized patients, and revealed the effectiveness of aroma massages in reducing anxiety among this population.

Anestis was professional, knowledgeable and focused on exactly what I needed to relieve muscle soreness and get mobility back. His technique was a great mix of therapeutic (read 90% uncomfortable) and relaxing (read 10% gentle when I needed to be kind to my body). Today (the dreaded “day after”) I have significantly less muscle soreness than I normally have after running events and I’ve been able to walk around Athens and enjoy it. The company was professional and flexible and even sent a text congratulating me on finishing the race.


Lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, and lemon are some examples of popular essential oils. For example, lavender and chamomile are great for their calming effect, while lemon, grapefruit, or peppermint are great for detoxification. Similarly, orange and eucalyptus are good for invigoration and stimulation.


Consider using gentler aromatherapy options such a lavender, lemon, and geranium. Dilute the essential oils to 1%, which would be 5-6 drops (or 1 oz.) of carrier oil. The self-administered aroma foot massage intervention significantly decreased the mean SBP and DBP as well as the state anxiety score, and tended to increase the mental health-related QOL scores. The results suggest that aroma foot massage may be an easy and effective way to improve mental health and blood pressure.

If not treated quickly, sepsis can lead to organ failure and death. While anyone can develop sepsis, the elderly, young children, and people with weakened immune systems are at the greatest risk. It’s important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of sepsis and to seek medical help as soon as possible if you think you or a loved one may have sepsis. Early recognition and treatment of sepsis are critical to survival.

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In fact, aromatherapy had been applied in several clinical practices. Cho et al. reported that patients who received aromatherapy had improved anxiety and sleep quality both before and after the surgery compared to nonreceiving patients . Tang and Tse found that aromatherapy could decrease negative emotions in elders with chronic pain .

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