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These are two forms of active and passive stretches for sports injuries relating to tightness in the muscles. This type of stretching muscles is especially beneficial for individuals who frequently exercise using the same muscles. Massage therapy focuses on the ligaments, tendons, fascia and muscles, which are often affected by overuse, shortening, overloading or lengthening. In turn, these issues result in an array of pains, aches or injuries.

Receiving massage therapy is an effective way of improving one’s physical and psychological wellbeing. Our Remedial Massage Therapist’s work with clients to provide evidence-based remedial therapy aimed at pain and symptom management to help improve people’s quality of life and manage their healthcare conditions. Under the skilful intuitive touch of our professional beauty and spa massage therapists, you will be treated to a soothing and re-energising experience. Our nurturing and customised body massages are designed to ease tension and calm the nervous system, whilst restoring energy flow. Using Stephanies® signature massage oil blends, this treatment will restore vitality and wellbeing to mind and body.

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Apart from making healthy changes to the way you work, regular massages help to reverse the negative effects of office posture. It helps stretch out the muscles that cramp up while sitting at the desk and releases tension that has accumulated during the week. Whether your interest focuses on the health benefits of a good massage and how it could change your lifestyle or you wish to aid others in improving theirs, discovering massage therapy is highly recommended. If you are intrigued by massage therapy as a whole and are looking for a new hobby or a career change, there are numerous massage courses available. Some of the more specific options include Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Medical, Postural, Reflexology, Remedial, Self and Visceral, each one with a particular result in mind.

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Our clinic takes a holistic approach to massage, as we believe it should be healing and restorative in more ways than one. This helps you to address aches and pains while at the same time creating a rejuvenating experience that leaves you feeling relaxed and soothed. Get on the path to better health with remedial, deep tissue and therapeutic massage therapy. Massage therapy is commonly used in conjunction with other healing modalities such as; Physiotherapy & Osteopathy, and dry needling. Regular targeted massage therapy is also great for stress reduction, giving you the chance to enjoy a happier, more pain-free life. Therapeutic Massage focuses on increasing circulation and blood flow throughout the body, in turn increasing immune and muscle function, as well as muscle and skin tone, while decreasing muscle pain and stiffness.

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After your massage, you will be given a non-pharmacology treatment plan, including soft tissue work & home care that work toward your goals. It prevents and alleviates general, activities-related and postural muscular symptoms. Various forms of remedial massage techniques include dry needles, trigger point, myofascial release, joint mobilization, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation and more. This unit of competency describes the skills and knowledge required to analyse client health information and then to plan appropriate health services within scope of own role. Growing up playing many sports like soccer, basketball and water polo, Hayden would regularly see massage therapists to help with recovery from injury and muscular pain. Seeing first hand how massage helped him, he decided to complete a Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2020, so that he could provide the same help to others in need.

Daveena brings to her therapy a wealth of knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, sports injury – prevention, rehabilitation, and recovery. Some treatments, such as deep tissue massage, work extremely deeply, so it is not uncommon to feel a little sore after a such a massage. To minimise discomfort during your massage, your therapist will encourage you to communicate with him /or her throughout your session, so that they can adjust your treatment. Although most clients report feelings of wellness and relief from pain, you may also experience some discomfort or an adjustment period after a massage. Remember to be gentle with yourself for the next day or two, and drink plenty of water to help flush toxins and stimulate the release of tension from your body.

Cancer Council NSW acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land on which we live and work. We pay our respects to the elders past and present and extend that respect to all other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Bone fragility – Radiation therapy or medicines, or the cancer itself, may cause the bones to become more fragile. Over the years, there has been a general concern that massage can increase the risk of cancer cells spreading to other parts of the body.


Once you reach a pain free state, you’ll move into the maintenance and prevention fase. This means getting massages every 3-12 weeks to prevent any aches or pains recurring. The time frame will depend on what the severity of your pains were, as well what you are doing in between treatments (keeping up with stretches/exercises, sitting behind a desk all day etc). You can discuss this in more detail with your therapist the next time you see them. Head massage combines with relaxation therapeutic massage to reduce stress, anxiety and any tension. Common areas include upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face.

This is because a therapist would be decreasing the muscles contractile ability. Instead, massage therapists treat those muscles with trigger point therapy, dry needling, myofascial cupping, active range of motion and of course strength building. Now more than ever before, our guests are experiencing what professional massage therapists can bring to their daily routine, and the benefits that massage has on overall well being. Our experienced therapists are available to perform beautiful treatments including Swedish and hot stone massages, as well as our specialised pregnancy massage. Massage services are available at each of our day spa locations. 360 Physio proudly offers quality care to the local areas of Revesby, Padstow & Panania.

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It stimulates the flow of body fluids, breaks up adhesions and diminishes tension. Massage therapy has both physiological and psychological advantages. Our therapists have been trained in anatomy, physiology and the technique of body massage for the treatment of various conditions resulting from inactivity, strenuous activity, sports and athletics. If you’re feeling that tension and soreness right now, you might be wondering if you need to see a local massage therapist or seek out your physiotherapist for the service. After your treatment, your therapist will also provide you with advice on how you can assist to speed up the healing process. For persistent or long-standing issues, weekly treatments are usually recommended for 3-4 weeks, to allow change to occur and for treatment to be effective.

For thousands of years, massage has been used to relax and comfort. One of the fundamental ways that humans communicate and connect is through touch and massage is a safe place for children with disabilities to experience this. Seeks to find the source of pain and to eliminate it through touch to treat the damaged tissues. If baby’s tummy feels soft, massage it with circular, clockwise strokes. Don’t put pressure on the area between baby’s nipples and tummy.


Also he plays classical music which always adds a little sense of refinement as you’re having your issues sorted. I’ve been to the clinic three times now, but I certainly can attest to the expertise and care I found there. I initially visited for TMJ treatment which was to assist my clicking jaw. I continued to get Physio as I was quite active and I was happy to visit a team that I trusted.

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It is aimed to aid in the treatment of both acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, as well as many non-musculoskeletal conditions helping with rehabilitation, sports medicine or general wellbeing. In Tuina massage, the muscles and tendons are massaged with the help of hands, and an acupressure technique is applied to directly affect the flow of energy helping to release tension and relieve discomfort. Very skilled practitioners of Thai massage may also apply deep tissue massage techniques to fix specific muscle and tendon problems. Anybody can learn Thai massage, but learning to do it well enough for it to be considered therapy will set you apart from the average practitioner. This is even more extreme than sports massage, which is really saying something.

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This may include hand and feet massage, neck shoulders and head and leg massage. Clients who are wheelchair bound or who have limited mobility are always able to have a massage and every massage is designed for each individual client and their needs. Massage therapy can reduce stress and anxiety, help with pain, relax the muscles and rehabilitate injuries. For many healthy people with no chronic conditions, massage is simply enjoyable.

And for your convenience our clinics are open from Monday to Saturday, six days a week. Use massage to loosen muscle groups and improve the effectiveness of chiropractic interventions. After a thorough assessment to determine problem areas and form a diagnosis, Margot will tailor her treatment to the needs of the individual using a combination of treatment techniques to get results. Radiation therapy – The skin may be sensitive to touch after radiation therapy. If you are having radiation therapy, you should avoid massage to the treated area as you may find even light touch uncomfortable. Some types of massage can reduce lymphoedema (swelling caused by a build-up of lymph fluid).


Communication between the client and therapist is essential as clients with Fibromyalgia experience good and bad days with symptoms of the condition. Remedial massage is typically used for injuries, headaches and caters for those with chronic pain. Your therapist will conduct a postural assessment and range of motion testing to identify any limitations you may have. Usually more knowledgeable in anatomy and physiology than your average relaxation massage therapist, for example, remedial massage therapists generally have a wide range of skills. This means that they can likely offer a plethora of advice and provide various treatment methods in addition to remedial massage therapy.

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Throughout the years, different variations have been developed to address particular problems. More people are incorporating it into their wellness routine and to get relief from injuries. We look forward to assisting you, your body and mind in achieving optimal health. We’re one of the largest TAFE providers in Melbourne’s south east.

However, if you want to offer your potential clients other services besides seated massage, it’s worth considering advanced corporate massage courses. Myopractic involves stretching, cross-fibre friction and corrective exercises to release muscle tension, relieve soft tissue pain, realign the body and restore the normal functions of the bones. Since this form of massage is intent on applying pressure, the result of this rubbing can cause such effects. Furthermore, the feeling of heat can actually be a good sign, showing muscles reacting positively to treatment and beginning to heal themselves. While this may seem alarming, this symptom is actually fairly common, simply because of how massage treatments are done.

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For the beautiful mums and mums to be, our massage therapists are trained to provide pregnancy massages to target areas that are under added pressure and need extra care and pain relief. Our qualified massage therapists are experienced in both remedial/pregnancy and sports massage. They will be able to fully assess your needs and provide the best, most appropriate massage therapy for you. Each of our therapists are trained to assess your body, observe changes over time, and design an individual treatment plan to assist with any identified issues. You will not only feel relaxed, but your general well-being, joint function and circulation will be improved, your pain reduced and your damaged tissue repaired. You might often come across different types of pain in your body.


Daveena treats the symptoms but also endeavours to discover and treat the cause. Nicole also works with several NRL teams providing game day, pre and post-massage treatments. Nicole has travelled internationally with the Australian Kangaroos and Jillaroos and her hands-on experience with elite athletes has helped her develop techniques in injury prevention and physical conditioning. Massage therapy is an excellent tool for healing and relaxation.

Overall these treatments tends to reduce overall ailments and troubles related with the process of aging and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Rob treated me for several months after a workplace back injury left me very restricted. He quickly diagnosed the injury and had already reduced the pain after one session. After five months of physio and a home exercise program, I was back to 100%. Trigger Point Massage – massage focuses on areas of tight bands of muscle fibres or nodules that can form in muscles anywhere in the body. They frequently develop as a result of overtraining, injury or poor posture.

Professional Remedial Massage Therapists are The Rockstars of the massage world because they know more about the body, techniques and how to assess what each body needs. At the time, she was representing Australia in netball and trying to manage a low back injury. She found that chiropractic not only helped improve her symptoms but positively influenced other aspects of her daily life. In fact, it sparked her passion in what has so far been an amazing career in health and wellbeing. Natalie began her career in Sydney but has since settled with her family in beautiful Newcastle. Natalie is a Chiropractor with a wide range of skills including dry needling, muscle release techniques and exercise rehabilitation.

Remedial massage – targeted soft tissue therapies to release muscle soreness and fascial tension through areas of need. Utilises deeper massage techniques and ideal for relieving more significant tension and tightness. Lymphatics are also a great addition for her clients pre and post-surgery to reduce swelling and bruising whilst also healing scar tissue and preventing fibrosis. Essentially, it’s the best of both worlds as you’re able to get the release of a deep tissue massage without working as deep into the muscle. It makes for a very relaxing experience allowing you to walk away feeling light and free. When your muscles are warm, they respond better to massage techniques like kneading and rolling.

Providing best practice, evidence-based Allied Health treatment to our community. Experience the same massage services currently bringing relief to players at St. Kilda Football Club. Swedish massage courses provide not only the basic techniques to deliver a relaxing massage but also the foundation for a Certificate IV in Massage Therapy. A Certificate IV in Massage Therapy is a national qualification which you must secure first before you can proceed to take a specialised course in connective tissue massage. You have the option to enrol in a Diploma of Remedial Massage or choose from a wide array of short connective tissue massage courses to learn the essential techniques. A Certificate in Acupressure is ideal for beginners, while there are other advanced acupressure courses for certified acupressurists who are looking to build on their skills and deepen their knowledge.

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At Thrive Chiropractic and Wellness, we offer remedial massage that is a combination of relaxation, sports and deep tissue massage. Our massage therapist, Zephyr Tran, is passionate about helping patients move and function at their best by reducing pain 대구홈타이 and improving mobility. She has several years of experience, including many years as a massage therapist for sports teams such as Richmond Football Club . Deep Tissue is a popular massage technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue.

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Massage is often helpful for growing pains, recovering from injury and generalised muscle tension. We can also provide pre and post event massage for the sporty teenager. Please let reception know if you require specific sports massage when booking. The most natural instinct when something hurts in the body is to hold or rub the affected area. It is little surprise then that massage therapy is one of the oldest forms of health care. In the last few decades there has been a resurgence in demand for good hands on massage therapy, highlighted by the role of massage in sports and athletic performance.

Delegates should be aware of the following policy regarding requests for massage therapy or the extension of long-term massage therapy services for SRCA clients. If you’re considering a physiotherapist for assessment and massage, we are happy to help. Our qualified physiotherapists provide knowledgeable, evidence-based, high-quality care for patients with a range of different needs and can utilise massage to target your concerns. The answer to your pain may not be obvious, as you could be experiencing referred pain from different areas of your body.

“ better sleeping patterns, eliminates toxins from the body, boosts immunity and burns fat”. A wonderful banquette of ancient and modern treatments to cleanse the body and to energise the soul. This package includes our signature Moroccan Loofah followed by Elemental Body Wrap and Relaxation Massage, and Elto Facial treatment.

Massage can help with this – relaxing muscles and increasing flexibility. Massage has been proven to be extremely beneficial for children with all sorts of disabilities or special needs. It is great for every element of a child’s well-being; emotional, social and physical.

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Aged care massage is a specialised massage treatment that caters to the specific and often delicate needs of our senior citizens. Tailored to each individual client, aged care massage is a gentle style that focuses on healing through touch, with an emphasis on soothing and relieving symptoms of aging. Massage therapy is a holistic treatment using the power of touch to restore balance relieve tension and pain while promoting relaxation. We have an experienced team who offers many kinds of massages in Norwest.

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