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Today the two salons are amongst Scotland’s busiest, known nationally and internationally for their excellence and expertise. We will do our upmost to accommodate clients, but we may not be able to do your hair. Arrival more than a few minutes late means we cannot spend the full time with you. We appreciate your promptness for your booked appointment. The fastest way to soothe post-waxing irritation is to apply an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream. Marcia left Brazil to live in Verona, Italy, where she worked exclusively as a masseuse.

“It’s like pulling off a plaster,” explains Danni, Senior Beauty Therapist at Regis Birmingham. We may be more sensitive to pain when run-down or ill, and women often feel it more a couple of days before their period. If you plan your wax at a good time and choose a professional, then there’s no reason why the sting should put you off waxing.

Testers followed the instructions provided with each device to find out how effective they were at removing hair on legs, underarms, the bikini line and upper lip. For that reason, it’s best to shave before your IPL session rather than completely remove the hairs by waxing or epilating. You can use IPL devices at home, but if you want laser hair removal you’ll need to have it performed by a trained professional. Most of the best IPL hair removal devices are suitable for the body and face. They work by either gliding over skin, which is best for larger surface areas of the body such as your legs, or stamping , which is better for smaller areas where you need more precision.

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We offer a discrete and personal treatment to suit your needs. Dead sea salt used as bath salts can help prevent infection as can anti-bacterial shower gels. Soothing lotions and gels, especially those containing products such as tea-tree oil, aloe vera and witch-hazel can also alleviate irritation. Loofahs and exfoliating mitts can be used in the shower but these must be kept clean and dry, and should be replaced regularly. You cannot use the same email address for multiple students. She’s explaining things well and in dept that we could understand.

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Plus, the more regularly that you wax, the thinner and more sparse your hair becomes, which means that it will start to hurt less and less. It’s a good question as there is an ugly rumour going around that it does! We can’t promise that you won’t feel anything, but the sensation is very quick and is tolerated by most men well. Sarah and Rita have both been waxing for over 20 years, so you are in safe hands. They specialise in waxing men’s intimate parts, though all our therapists are trained to wax other areas of the male body.

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If you’re having extreme waxing, the longer the hair the more painful it will be so you can trim before your appointment. If you have been shaving, you need a minimum of 3 weeks growth to get the best result. When the hair is too short, it is advisable not to carry out the treatment as it will be a waste of your money. Available for all areas of the body, waxing is aquick effective removal of unwanted hair that leaves the skin smooth and leads to a finer regrowth with re-waxing necessary only every 4 weeks.

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While this is a noble task, and one that future scientists of the world will no doubt be grateful for, it still doesn’t help the lice themselves from disappearing into extinction. I wondered whether I should catch a few of their number and offer them shelter? If their plight got bad enough, I could probably be granted national park status as the last refuge for a dying species.

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Our panel said it caught both short and longer hairs, and 93% were left satisfied with their finished style. They found it lightweight and easy to control and all were left satisfied with how their nostrils looked post-trim. Their one bugbear was that it didn’t come with a storage cover, but if you can look past this, it’s a great little grooming device. The best nose hair trimmers are comfortable to use and much faster than attempting to use tweezers.

A classic bikini wax is where we can keep everything looking neat and tidy! Hair is only removed from the outer line of where your underwear 딥티슈 sits. Beauty by Laura Jayne, professional and exclusive beauty salon based in Tutbury, near Burton on Trent Staffordshire.


It is the responsibility of the client to discuss any concerns, conditions or medications that may result in contra-indications for waxing when you have your initial consultation. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on news and offers. Ingredients, like sugar, water, and lemon juice is used here. ” shrieked my friend Sarah, glancing across at me with horror as I lay down. ” She meant my pubic hair, which, back then, was as resplendent and bushy as a freshly washed labradoodle.

So, if you have sensitive skin with soft hair of around 1-2mm, this may be the one for you. The strips could also make for a great – and much cheaper – alternative to dermaplaning . We have to admit that the ‘no pain, no gain’ saying held true with these strips, resulting in a few more “ouches” than some of the others on test. But that’s all to be expected when waxing larger areas, and the pain subsides within seconds, just like ripping off a plaster.

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Maybe we developed a newfound pain tolerance after weeks of testing wax kits, but these were one of the most pain-free ones on the list, making the experience (Dare we say it?) almost enjoyable. But the big plus was that by using only the heat from your hands, there’s zero risk of burning the skin, so great if you’re a waxing newbie. And while we were left with some redness, that soon went away, while any residue was removed with the handy post-wax wipes included. Even so, for anyone new to waxing, it can seem like quite a daunting task, especially when doing it at home. So, we’re here to help show you there’s nothing to fear when doing it safely, effectively and with the right products. However, we can offer a standard bikini wax from 14 years as long as a parent or guardian is present.

Our professional waxing supplies range from essentials like wax strips & spatulas, to an extensive selection of waxes. We also stock a selection of waxing kits suitable for all businesses, electrolysis products, and professional products for before and after waxing care. What’s great about sugaring is that not only does it remove hair immediately, it also stunts its regrowth over time. “We say keep your sugaring four to five weeks apart,” advises Tanja. Sometimes it can be a bit confusing to know what each type of bikini wax involves.

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Janea waxing services are performed by our experienced & friendly beauticians. We provide waxing services including eyebrows & bikini as well as full head to toe . We use the highest quality products to ensure comfortable hair removal. It is a hybrid between a hot wax and a strip wax possessing all the best characteristics of each.

To maintain a smooth appearance as well as get the best results, we recommend regular waxing every 4-6 weeks. The CLEAN & EASY roller system makes waxing quick, hygienic and painless. With CLEAN & EASY you will achieve perfect results every time because the unique roller system applies the perfect amount of wax. Hot/Warm wax is very suitable for waxing sensitive areas or thicker hair. Which is why it’s often the wax of choice for Bikini/Hollywood/Brazilian waxes, underarm wax and sometimes facial waxing too.

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If you’re not sure whether IPL is for you, or you don’t want to invest much, try this budget device. It’s lightweight, features an atomic skin tone sensor to find the correct light setting for you, and comes with an attachment for the face, making it easier to tackle those smaller, more delicate areas. Our panel noticed a reduction in hair growth and thickness after four weeks, with 79% saying there was a significant difference after the recommended 12 weeks. The panel appreciated its simple design and precise head, which allowed access to hard-to-reach areas. It’s compact too, which is ideal for those short on storage space.


We offer specialized waxing, from Brazilian or Bikini and Hollywood Wax at Revive beauty salon, Cheshire. Brazilian waxing means using hot wax to professionally remove the hair from your intimate areas. All hair is removed from your intimate areas leaving a narrow strip of hair.

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This will keep the skin soft and smoother and prevent ingrown hairs. We are a unisex salon and have a strong male client base. All of our customers can enjoy a discreet and professional treatment. If you have any questions about our waxing treatments then please feel free to drop in and ask for some advice and we will gladly assist. Waxing is a hair removal technique that involves applying a hot, sticky substance to the skin and then pulling it off, taking the hair with it. While it can be done at home, it’s generally best to leave it to the professionals.


You will need at least 3 – 4 weeks hair growth to enable you to have a successful waxing treatment. Please stop any hair removal at least 3 weeks before your wax. A regular bikini wax generally removes the hair outside of the bikini area, whilst a Hollywood waxing is the removal of all of the body hair based around the pubic region. If you’re looking for a Hollywood wax service in Dundee, look no further than the professionals at our beauty salon. Our experienced staff will ensure that you get the best possible results from your waxing treatment. All of our waxing treatments are undertaken after consultation and at the discretion of the beauty therapist.

Now, it seems the new feminine ideal is of egg-smooth perfection from hairline to toes, calling at all points in between. For waxers, threaders and laser hair-removal specialists, business is booming. Not only are more of us removing our body and facial hair, we are removing more hair than ever before.


Waxing using Australian tea tree products that are well-known for their antiseptic, healing and soothing properties. Waxing deters hair growth and helps prevention of in-growing hair. All hair is removed from the top, sides and all the way under and we can even remove unwanted hair from around your bum if you want! Again, the shape is completely up to you, with the classic being The Landing Strip, but The Bermuda Triangle is another popular option. If you do want to sculpt the area to some degree, however, you might want to learn how to wax your bikini line at home. While you can of course head to a salon, if you choose, there’s no doubt that it’s less hassle – and less expense – to nail an at-home bikini wax.

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I brace myself for the first pull of the set wax and I’m amazed there is only the tiniest, mildest sting and sensation of heat. I’m sceptical of the no-pain claim, especially when I spot a No-Scream anaesthetic cream. ‘That’s for people who are very sensitive and maybe have PMT or are pregnant, which lowers your pain threshold,’ insists Carleigh.

If you enjoy exercising, please do so before your waxing appointment. Exercise directly after is not recommended due to the higher risk of causing breakout. Brazilian waxes are one of the most popular options when it comes to primping ya pubes.

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The first payment is taken when the order is processed and the remaining 2 are automatically taken every 30 days. You can choose electronic or postal delivery for your voucher in the next step. If you – reading this now – do have pubic lice, congratulations!

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In one quick motion, pull the wax off in the opposite direction of hair growth. Waxing can be done at any time, for special occasions such as a party or wedding or just for everyday body confidence. If you have never tried it, book with us now for a waxing treatment if you live around the Reading area. Once you see the results, you will wonder why you never waxed before. Our highly trained laser technicians can permanently remove excess hair from most areas of the face and body using the safe and efficient laser hair removal system. And have one of our highly trained beauty therapists answer all your queries and provide you with expert tips and tricks to ensure you get the best out of your waxing service.

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Both methods are safe and fast, and we make it as comfortable as possible while ensuring smooth long lasting results. Sugaring is seeing a resurgence thanks to its long-term effects and sustainable potential. Persil washing powder removes the toughest of stains while being gentle next to sensitive skin, and your clothes Our laundry powders are now even … We recommend you exfoliate regularly to avoid in-growing hairs. I am aware that many of you are very shy when it comes to intimate waxing. Moisturise every day to keep the skin supple and help new hairs to grow through normally.

It provides various payment plan options – an fixed duration instalment plan or flexible credit. Just bear in mind, the interest rate, credit limit and payment plans you’re offered will be based on a credit check. DO NOT expose yourself to sun for at least 24 hours before and after each session on the treated area. Ideally, tanning should be avoided completely during treatment. DO apply the aftercare products with a clean cotton wool, not your fingers. Following the treatment, clients will be given an aftercare leaflet and advised to use a post-epilation anti-septic cream which is important to protect and heal the skin.

Complete hair removal from the whole intimate area including mons pubis, labia, perineum and anus. • Large areas of hair removed quickly to reveal a smooth area of skin. Removes hairs from side of face area besides ears, hot wax used.

By the time you pay out for the home waxing kits , it’s really not worth it. Waxing is a safe and effective semi-permanent method of hair removal using heated wax to remove unwanted facial and body hair from its follicle. So many of my clients come to me because they want to make their sporting lives easier. The range of disciplines it helps has been a surprise to me over the years, from the Mum undertaking a charity long distance walk to the semi professional rugby player. As it’s rare to see an athlete questioned on their hair removal techniques, it can mean that people are unaware of the benefit that it can have and the reasons why. From removing unwanted ‘peach fuzz’ to getting you holiday-ready, our minimal pain waxing services are ideal for achieving instantly smooth skin in as little as 15 minutes.

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Prior to the wax treatment the therapist will cleanse the area and may trim the hairs if they are too long to be waxed . The therapist will then apply either a high quality warm or hot wax and remove the unwanted hair. A soothing lotion is then applied to help the skin calm following the treatment. At our beauty salon in Victoria SW1, Central London, all of our waxing treatments are undertaken after consultation at the discretion of the beauty therapist. The length of time will depend on your individual hair growth.

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